Gift Cards FAQ

  • How can I buy a WOMH e-Gift Card?

    You can buy one by clicking here!

  • Do you issue e-Gift Cards or physical Gift Cards?

    At this time, we only issue e-Gift Cards.

  • How Can I check my e-Gift Card Balance?

    You can check your e-Gift Card balance by clicking here and then scrolling to the bottom of the page, where there is link for "Check a Gift Card Balance."

  • Does the e-Gift Card have an expiration date?

    No, it does not.

  • What if lose of have my e-Gift Card stolen?

    Unfortunately, if an e-Gift Card is lost or stolen, it cannot be refunded or replaced.

  • How do I use my e-Gift Card?

    Due to the high number of shows we have, redemption is done through a special form, located by clicking here. On this form, simply tell us: (1) which show, (2) what type of ticket (e.g., VIP, General Admission, etc.), (3) the quantity, (4) your e-Gift Card code, and (5) an email address to send the tickets. For merch, simply send us: (1) what piece of merch, including the style/color, (2) what size (if applicable), (3) your e-Gift Card code, (4) your email address, and (5) an address to send the merch.

  • What if the cost of my tickets is more than my gift card?

    In this scenario, we will apply the full value of your gift card to your tickets, and email you an invoice via PayPal for the balance. You simply pay the balance and then we send you your tickets!

  • What can I expect when I redeem my e-Gift Card?

    The tickets you requested will be emailed to the email address specified, and if you ordered merch, the merch will be mailed to the address specified!

  • Can I redeem my e-Gift Card for cash?

    Yes, but only if the balance is less than $2.50. To redeem your e-Gift Card for cash, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address: WOMH, PO Box 34886, Houston, Texas, 77234, ATTN: Gift Cards. Be sure to include your: (1) name, (2) mailing address, (3) email address, and (4) e-Gift Card code in your letter. We'll verify your customer information and, if validated, will send you a check. If we cannot verify your customer information, your card will remain active.

  • What will my e-Gift Card recipient receive?

    They'll receive a personal email containing their e-Gift Card and e-Gift Card Code. The e-Gift Card code is extremely valuable, do not distribute it to anyone you do not want using your e-Gift Card!

  • Are e-Gift Cards sent immediately?

    You can set up the date you want the e-Gift Card sent through the e-Gift Card purchase screen!

  • Are e-Gift Cards transferrable to someone else?

    Yes! E-Gift Cards are linked to a specific gift card code--anyone you give that e-Gift Card code to can redeem it. That's a great thing for friends, but means you must be very careful who you give the code to!

  • Who do I contact if I have issues with e-Gift Cards?

    You can email us at!