• General

    Where is WOMH located?

    WOMH is located at 2915 N. Main, Houston, Texas 77009, at the corner of North St. and N. Main, about 1.5 miles north of downtown Houston.

  • What is the difference between “The Lawn”, “WOMH Upstairs”, and “WOMH Downstairs”?

    The Lawn is our outdoor venue at WOMH, WOMH Upstairs is our small indoor performance venue, and WOMH Downstairs is our large indoor performance venue. In total, WOMH has three separate performance spaces. Please refer to the show listing on our website to determine which room a show is in.

  • What is the configuration of the Lawn?

    The majority of the Lawn is general admission, standing room only. In some cases, reserved seating may be an option, depending on the concert. Lawn shows also have a number of upgrades, identified as Balconies, Hilltop Tables-of-Four, and Hilltop Cabanas. These upgrades can be purchased with your ticket. See below for an image of the location of various upgrades.

    In most (but not all) cases, Balcony upgrades INCLUDE general admission to the venue and you would not need to buy an admission ticket separately.

    On the other hand, Hilltop Tables of Four and Cabanas DO NOT include general admission to the venue. You and each of your guests would need to purchase a general admission ticket separately. This is because when you purchase a Hilltop Table of Four or a Cabana, you are purchasing "the real estate". The purchaser of either upgrade is given special wristbands that they can distribute to themselves and their guests upon entry to the venue. You’ll receive four total wristbands with purchase of a Hilltop Table or 12 total wristbands with purchase of a Cabana.

  • I have a question about your health and safety protocols regarding COVID-19. Where can I find more information?

    Please review our policy and FAQs regarding public health at shows here: White Oak Music Hall Safety Guidelines

  • Is WOMH all ages?

    Yes, unless otherwise indicated. Anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. For alcoholic beverage service, customers must be 21 or older with a valid, government issued ID. Children taller than 40" also require their own ticket.

  • What kind of beverages do you sell?

    We have a full bar, featuring beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages (soda, water, energy drinks). Bars are located in each room (Downstairs, Upstairs, and the Lawn).

  • What items are prohibited from WOMH?
    • • Weapons of any kind, including mace. As a permitted alcohol establishment, Texas law prohibits firearms of any kind on the premises, whether licensed or not.
    • • Bags/backpacks larger than 14” in any dimension. All bags are subject to search.
    • • Coolers
    • • Outside food and beverage
    • • Video recording devices (e.g., camcorders, GoPros, or anything beyond a cell phone)
    • • Large cameras with detachable lenses are strictly prohibited. Only photography devices such as cell phones and pocket-sized “point-and-shoot” cameras can be brought into the venue. For certain shows, at the request of the artist, all cameras of any sort may be prohibited. Please call us ahead of time if you have any questions.
    • • Audio recording devices
    • • Laser pointers
    • • Laptops/Tablets
    • • Umbrellas. In case of rain at the Lawn, umbrellas obstruct others’ views of the stage. Please bring rain gear/ponchos instead.
    • • Lawn blankets/towels/tarps. The Lawn at White Oak Music Hall is designed to be an intimate space that allows guests to be close to the stage. Thus, to prevent customers from bringing large blankets/towels/tarps to “block off” other guests on the Lawn, such items are prohibited. Blankets are also prohibited because they present a tripping/slipping hazard for guests attempting to walk across/around them. For certain shows, i.e., those with smaller attendance or where conditions may be wet, blankets may be permitted. Check your email and the WOMH social media for updates on whether blankets may be permitted for a specific show.
    • • Strollers/carts
    • • Two-way radios, walkie-talkies
    • • Strobes or flashing lights
    • • Chairs of any kind. Due to the slope of the hill at the Lawn, chairs present a tumbling hazard and are prohibited.
    • • Aerosol containers
    • • Glass/metal containers
    • • Selfie sticks
    • • Flagpoles or extendable poles
    • • Signs over 18" in length along any side
    • • Props or accessories over 18" in length along any side
    • • Props or accessories that can be swung and present a hazard to other guests (e.g., hula hoops, bolos, staffs, wands, pois, etc.)
    • • Fireworks/explosives
    • • Tents, canopies, or other shade structures
    • • Pets (except service animals)
    • • Illegal or illicit substances of any kind
  • What does it mean that WOMH is cashless?

    WOMH will no longer be accepting cash for tickets or concessions. For some shows, cash may be used to purchase artist merchandise, but we recommend bringing a credit/debit card instead.

  • Do you accept cash at the box office?


  • Should I bring cash if I want to buy merch?

    American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard branded credit and debit cards.

  • What kind of beverages do you sell?

    We have a full bar, featuring beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages (soda, water, energy drinks). Bars are located in each room (Downstairs, Upstairs, and the Lawn).

  • Is there re-entry?

    No, unless otherwise specified for a specific event.

  • Does WOMH sell food?

    WOMH does not sell food directly, but food trucks are generally on-site for shows at the Lawn.

  • Is there a smoking area at WOMH?

    Yes, smoking areas are available on the patios/balconies of each floor of the venue. Smoking is permitted on the Lawn, but strictly prohibited inside the enclosed venue (e-cigs/vaping are also prohibited inside the enclosed venue).

  • Is there seating at WOMH?

    The majority of tickets for shows at WOMH are general admission, standing-room only. For shows at WOMH Downstairs and the Lawn, a limited amount of reserved seating may be offered on a show-by-show basis as a separate ticketing option. Shows at WOMH Upstairs are all general admission, standing-room only. Limited seating is available at WOMH for disabled/pregnant individuals in designated ADA viewing areas. For more information regarding disabled/pregnant seating, please email boxoffice@whiteoakmusichall.com.

  • I am a huge fan of the band. What's the earliest I can line up for entry?

    The entry area to the venue has very limited shade, and for your safety, prolonged waiting at entry gates is not permitted. Generally, lines will at White Oak Music Hall will be formed no earlier than 4 hours before door time. If you arrive earlier than that time, you will be asked to either leave the premises or wait next door at Raven Tower, if it is open. Under no circumstances do we allow people to "camp out" or line-up overnight on in the early morning at the venue.

  • What time do doors open?

    Door times vary depending on the show and are subject to change. Please check the show listing on our website for specific information. Please note that posted door times are guidelines only, and may change depending on the show schedule.

    For events listed on Ticketmaster, the Event Time is the same as the Door Time.

  • What are the set times?

    For events listed on Ticketmaster, the Event Time is the same as the Door Time. Set times (i.e., when performers actually begin) are posted at the venue the night of the show.

    As a rule of thumb, the first performer generally starts 45 minutes to one hour after doors, with each successive performer 45 minutes to one hour after that. For example, if there are three bands scheduled to play with doors at 8 pm, the first band would typically start around 8:45-9:00, the second band around 9:30-9:45, and the third band around 10:15-10:45.

    But this is a general rule only; your best bet is to arrive early to see the band you want to see and also to get a good spot!

  • I left my credit card/wallet/or something else. Do you have a lost and found?

    Items that are found or turned in may be picked up at the box office. The box office is open from 5PM-10PM on nights when we have a ticketed show. Please email boxoffice@whiteoakmusichall.com for lost and found requests.

  • Are shows rain or shine?

    Yes, shows at WOMH are rain or shine, including shows at the Lawn, our outdoor venue. In case of inclement weather that presents unsafe conditions at the venue at the time of the event or which prevent the safe set-up in advance of the event (e.g., lightning, high winds, flooding), shows many be canceled/rescheduled in the interest of the safety of our guests, staff, and/or performers. If a show is canceled/rescheduled due to unsafe weather conditions at the venue, customers will be alerted as soon as the decision to cancel the event is made via email, social media, and our app, coupled with further instructions (e.g., refunds, rescheduled dates, etc.). Please be advised, however, that refunds due to inclement weather at the venue are only available in case of canceled events that are not rescheduled. In the case of events that are rescheduled, tickets originally issued will be honored at the rescheduled event.

  • A lawn show was canceled because of bad weather, but the weather on the day of the show is fine. Why is it still canceled?

    It typically takes between 1-3 days to prepare the Lawn venue for outdoor shows, with the majority (8-10 hours) of the work done in the morning or afternoon before the concert. This includes unloading and set-up of staging and stage equipment, electrical set up, concessions set-up, etc. If there is inclement weather that makes set-up in advance of the show unsafe (e.g., high winds, heavy rain, flooding, lightning), particularly the morning or early afternoon of a scheduled show, a Lawn show may be canceled, even if the weather at or near doors seems okay.

    A lawn show may also be canceled if inclement weather is forecasted. For example, if weather forecasts on Thursday indicate heavy rain and lightning during a show scheduled for Saturday (for example, a tropical storm), we may cancel the event so we have enough time to make alternative arrangements (such as moving the show to another venue, if possible). Sometimes weather forecasts are wrong, of course, in which case the weather may be fine for the day of show, but decisions regarding weather may be made in advance based on the best available information at the time.

  • If it's raining, can't you just move a show from the Lawn to the inside venue?

    No, we cannot, for several reasons. First, artists have contracts for specific rooms. For example, they may have a contract to play the Lawn venue, and will not perform their show in any other room. Second, artist crews typically spend 8-10 hours preparing the stage for their event. It is not at all unusual for artists to unload 2-3 fully-loaded 18-wheelers full of equipment for their show. They cannot simply move their production to a smaller room in a short amount of time due to weather. Third, artists want to deliver to their fans a performance they believe is faithful to their art--moving a show last minute to another venue would not be faithful to the production they wish to provide their fans (e.g., sound, video, staging, special effects, etc). And fourth, moving a show indoors from the Lawn would not permit everyone to actually attend, as the lawn is much larger than the indoor room.

  • Is WOMH disabled accessible?

    Yes, the concert viewing areas at WOMH are accessible to disabled patrons.

  • Can I bring pets?

    No. Only service animals are permitted.

  • Parking, Transportation, and Lodging

    Where can I park?

    WOMH has approximately 320 off-street parking spots located adjacent to the venue. These lots are referred to as Lot A, B, and C. Visit our Parking page at https://whiteoaktemp.wpengine.com/about/parking for more information. Other third-party owned parking lots are also available in the area, in addition to street parking where not otherwise prohibited.

  • How do I get to your venue using public transportation?

    WOMH is easily accessible via the Red Line of the METRORail (light rail). The Quitman/Near Northside stop of the Red Line is a 5 minute walk south of the venue. You may board the Red Line anywhere from NRG Park, the Medical Center, Hermann Park, the Museum District, Midtown, and Downtown. For more information on the METRORail Red Line, please visit: www.ridemetro.org

  • Do you have bike racks?

    Yes! We have 20+ bike racks permanently bolted to the ground on both the N. Main St. side of the building and the North St. side of the building.

  • Can I use a ridesharing company to get to WOMH?

    Yes, and we encourage you to! Options include Uber, Lyft, Alto, and various taxi services.

  • Are there any hotels nearby?

    Close options to the venue include the Holiday Inn Express, located at 3401 N. Main (about 1/4 mile away), the Heights House Hotel , located at 100 W Cavalcade (about 1 mile away) and the Sleep Inn located at 2475 North Freeway (about 1 mile away).

    Options in downtown Houston are a short 10 minute cab ride or light rail ride to the venue. Examples include the JW Marriott Downtown, the Hyatt Regency Downtown, the Magnolia Hotel, and the Four Seasons Houston.

  • Ticketing

    Where can I buy tickets?

    Tickets to WOMH shows are available on our website using the “Buy Tickets” link next to the show listing. Tickets are also available from the WOMH box office.

  • Do you issue e-tickets or physical tickets?

    No. All tickets are mobile tickets stored on the Ticketmaster app or accessible through your Ticketmaster account. No e-tickets (i.e., PDF tickets) or paper ("hard-copy") tickets are issued.

  • If I buy tickets at the venue, can I avoid service fees?

    Yes, but only if you: (1) buy tickets in person at the box office, and (2) buy your tickets BEFORE the day of show. If you wait until the day of the show, you will not avoid service fees. Your tickets will be issued to you as mobile tickets on your Ticketmaster app or through your Ticketmaster account.

  • What are the box office hours?

    The box office opens one hour before door time of any ticketed event. You may buy tickets to any show from the box office.

  • Can I buy presale tickets at the box office?

    No. Presale tickets are online only. You can only buy tickets at the box office once general onsale occurs.

  • I can't find my ticket. Can you help me?

    Please come to the box office on the day of the show with your ID and your method of payment, and we will try to assist you. Alternatively, you may contact Ticketmaster support through your Tickemaster app or account or email care@ticketmaster.com with your order number.

  • Can I pick up my tickets at will-call?

    No. Will call is no longer a ticketing option at WOMH. The only exception to this is certain fan-club tickets that are available for pick up at will call.

  • Who is your official ticketing company?

    Our official ticketing company is Ticketmaster. Tickets purchased directly from our website is your best option for getting authentic tickets.

  • I bought my ticket from a band website or a fan club website--is that okay?

    Yes, but in some cases (depending on the fan club) you may have to visit the box office to pick up your ticket.

    Please note that when tickets are purchased from ticketing companies other than Ticketmaster, we cannot make any changes to the tickets, such as the name of the ticket holder, the delivery method, transfer to another person, etc.. Such change requests must be made to the ticketing company you purchased the tickets from. We also cannot verify whether the order has been received by a third-party ticketing company until the day of the event.

  • I bought my ticket from a ticket reseller (e.g., StubHub)--is that okay?

    We cannot verify the legitimacy of any tickets purchased from a reseller until they are scanned by us. Therefore, purchasing tickets from a third-party reseller are at your own risk.

  • I'd like to buy parking or an upgrade. How do I do that?

    If you have not yet bought your admission tickets, upgrades and add-ons will show up in the final step of the check out process when you go to buy your tickets. Please be patient while these load on the Ticketmaster Website and/or Ticketmaster app.

    If you have already bought your tickets and want to add parking or an upgrade later, first, log into your Ticketmaster account on the Ticketmaster website (you cannot use the Ticketmaster app for this). Navigate to "My Account" and then "My Tickets" to find your admission tickets to the concert. Then click "See Details." Once the screen loads, any available upgrades or add-ons will show up under the "Get Ready For Event" box. You can add them to your cart and purchase them from that box.

    If after logging into Ticketmaster you do not see any upgrades or add-on options available under the "Get Ready for Event" box, this means that such upgrades or add-ons are not available or are completely sold out.

  • The show is sold out! Can I buy them at the box office the night of the show?

    For sold out shows, no tickets will be available at the box office on the night of the show.

  • The show is sold out! Are you going to release any additional tickets?

    For sold out shows, it is extremely rare that additional tickets are released. Tickets that are released are first offered to individuals who signed up for the waitlist; thus, we recommend that you always sign up for the waitlist if your show is sold out!

  • What are your ticketing policies?

    Please click the link below for our Ticketing Policy.


  • What are steps you are taking against scalpers?

    We take ticket scalping very seriously, and Ticketmaster has taken several steps to combat scalping, including:

    • Limiting ticket purchases to a maximum of 6 per transaction, with subsequent transactions reviewed

    • Employing fraud detection and fraud prevention algorithms designed to identify scalping activity.

    • Voiding of any suspected ticket scalper transactions

    • Delayed delivery of tickets until closer to the date of the event

  • A show was canceled. How do I get a refund?

    Refunds for canceled events are provided in the occurrence of an entire event cancellation, not for shows that have been rescheduled. If the event is canceled with no reschedule date, purchasers who bought their tickets online through Ticketmaster will be alerted via email that a refund is in process, which will typically post to your account 7-10 business days after a refund is initiated.

    For those who bought tickets from the box office, refunds will likewise be processed back to the credit card used to purchase tickets at box office.

    For those who bought tickets from a third-party (e.g., StubHub, a ticket broker, etc.), purchasers will need to seek a refund from the person or company that sold them the ticket.

  • I have another question about my ticket; who should I contact?

    For questions regarding your tickets, contact Ticketmaster customer service through the Ticketmaster app, your Ticketmaster account, or email care@ticketmaster.com with your order number.

  • Media

    Can I get a press pass to a show?

    Media passes are only provided to accredited media agencies, at our discretion. Requests for media passes must be submitted at least 3 days in advance of the show to info@whiteoakmusichall.com and are subject to approval by WOMH.

  • Can I interview the band?

    Requests for interviews are handled by the artists’ media contact, not WOMH, therefore, we cannot grant permission for interviews.

  • Booking

  • My band is interested in playing at WOMH--who do I contact?

    Booking at WOMH is handled exclusively by email at booking@whiteoakmusichall.com. We do not conduct booking via the phone, social media, etc.

  • Can I send WOMH a demo of my band?

    We do not accept unsolicited demo material via mail. Please email a link to your band website with audio samples to booking@whiteoakmusichall.com.

  • Is White Oak Music Hall available for private events?

    Yes! Please email us at katie.f@whiteoakmusichall.com for more information.

  • Other

    Can I work at WOMH?

    For employment inquiries, please email jobs@whiteoakmusichall.com.

  • I am a vendor that would like to offer products/services to White Oak Music Hall. Who do I contact?
  • Any other questions or concerns?