Accessibility Information

Disabled accessibility

The performance venues and backstage areas at White Oak Music Hall (WOMH) are disabled accessible, and includes such features as ramps, elevators, paved pathways, grab bars, clearance widths, etc.         

Disabled Entrances

For indoor shows, both entry points (front door and breezeway entrance) are disabled accessible.  For Lawn shows, the breezeway entrance (located near the box office) is disabled accessible.

Disabled viewing areas

With rare exceptions, White Oak Music Hall (WOMH) is a general admission (GA), “standing room” venue without reserved (assigned) seating.  A few times a year, a specific show may have assigned seating.  In those instances, the event description on the ticketing page will either: (1) specify that the event is a seated event, or (2) offer tickets to seated areas for sale.  Please bear in mind, though, that unless otherwise specified for a specific show, there is no seating at shows at WOMH.

Specially designated disabled areas are not required for “standing-room,” general admission events with no seating.  Despite this, as a courtesy to disabled guests, WOMH does provide access to a limited area for disabled patrons that require wheelchair access and/or seating for disability reasons.  These areas:

  • Are located in accessible areas of the venue;
  • Fill up quickly for popular events;
  • Are available to be set up with chairs/stools, as needed;

For the Downstairs venue, this area is located either next to the sound console and/or on the first level of the mezzanine (depending on if the mezzanine is open for a given show). For the Upstairs venue, this area is located stage left near the bar.  For shows on the Lawn, this area is located on a specially designated ADA riser near stage right. 

We have attempted to position these areas to provide site lines to stage areas, but we cannot guarantee that site lines will be unobstructed, due to the presence of other guests.  Also keep in mind that with the exception of the ADA riser on the Lawn, these areas may not have fixed, physical barriers separating disabled areas from general admission areas.  

To request seating in these disabled viewing areas, please email

Disabled ticketing

For the rare show that has reserved (assigned) seating, disabled patrons will be able to purchase specific seats assigned to ADA areas on the regular ticketing page; please look for tickets designated “ADA tickets.”  These tickets are the same price as other reserved seating tickets. 

For events that do not have reserved (assigned) seating, requests for courtesy disabled seating can be submitted on a first-come, first-served basis via email to  Please remember, however, that these areas fill up quickly for popular events, and we may not be able to accommodate your request should those areas be full. 

Companion seating

For events with reserved (assigned) seating, companion seats may be purchased for disabled persons by purchasing ADA designated tickets.  The maximum number of companion seats you may purchase in addition to an ADA ticket is 3. For events without reserved (assigned) seating where disabled seating is provided as a courtesy, additional companion seating is limited to one. In either case, as a courtesy to other disabled guests, we request that you keep companion seating requests to a minimum; this allows other disabled guests to have access to disabled areas. 

Non-Disabled Guests with difficulty standing for long periods

We understand that some guests may not consider themselves disabled but may nonetheless have difficulty standing for extended periods of time.  Examples might be those individuals who are pregnant, those with joint problems, etc.  Such individuals may request seating in disabled areas on an as-available basis by emailing

Credentialing in disabled areas

To help identify individuals appropriately given access to disabled viewing areas, guests in disabled areas may be required to wear a special colored wristband.  Such wristbands will facilitate entry and re-entry into disabled areas.  Upon arrival, request your wristband from the box office.

Disabled parking

Disabled parking is located in Lots A, B, and C.  On occasion, Lot A may be closed, depending on the event.  As with disabled seating, for popular events, disabled parking may fill up quickly.  We recommend arriving early if you are concerned about the availability of disabled parking.  For events with paid parking, disabled patrons may be required to pay for disabled parking. 

Disabled Pick-Up/Drop-Off

Disabled Pick-Up/Drop-Off areas are located near the intersection of North St. near the main building entrance.  Please be advised that sometimes there may be vehicular or pedestrian traffic in this area, particularly at peak times such as the end of an event, and that you may need to be patient when picking-up or dropping-off. 

Service Animals

We have a designated section that is in our ADA section that we kindly ask all service animals and owners to be in, for safety of not only other patrons, but for the service animals as well