Standing Room/Seating

Unless otherwise indicated, events at WOMH are general admission, standing room only. Ticketed seating is offered only for certain shows, and if available, you will be given the option to purchase seats during the ticket purchasing process. For example, seats may be offered at a different pricing tier than general admission or it may be offered as an upgrade to general admission.

If no seating options are presented to you during the ticketing purchasing process, that means seating options are either unavailable or sold out for the event. Please note that the ability to purchase ADA disabled seating is only available for shows with assigned seating, not for general admission shows. You may purchase such ADA tickets (again, ONLY for shows with assigned seating) through our ticketing portal.  If you need additional assistance with your ADA purchase, please email us at boxoffice@whiteoakmusichall.com

Even for events with no ticketed seating, however, seating may be available as a courtesy on a first-come, first-served, and non-ticketed basis for those who are pregnant or who have temporary or permanent physical disabilities.

Buying Tickets Online

Ticketing for events at White Oak Music Hall is handled through our official ticketing partner, Ticketmaster.  Tickets may be purchased from our website www.whiteoakmusichall.com.


Occasionally, tickets to our venue may be offered by various third-party ticketing companies, such as See Tickets, SongKing, Bandsintown, etc.  When purchasing from these third-parties, please be aware that any modifications relating to those tickets (e.g., change in delivery method, change in will-call name, refunds, exchanges, etc.) must be handled from the company you purchased your tickets from—we cannot adjust tickets purchased from these third-parties.  When in doubt and if you want maximum flexibility, purchase your tickets from Ticketmaster.

If you purchased your tickets from Ticketmaster and need to change the name under which they are held for will call, please follow the instructions here.

Buying Tickets in Person

If you prefer to purchase your tickets in person, you may visit our box office, which is located at our venue at 2915 N. Main, Houston, TX 77009.  Our box office opens one hour before doors of any ticketed show.   When visiting our box office, you may purchase tickets to any show on our schedule.

Ticket Resellers

When buying tickets, please be cautious to only buy from reputable ticketing companies, and be extremely cautious of third-party resellers i.e., “scalpers”).  These reselling companies may attempt to sell you fraudulent tickets or tickets that are mischaracterized.  For example, they may try to sell you a ticket to a seat/row, when in fact, there are no seats/rows and it is standing room only.  Unfortunately, if you purchase a fraudulent ticket from a third-party, your only remedy is to address the purchase from the person/company you purchased them from; we cannot accept fraudulent tickets.  Here again, when in doubt, purchase your tickets from our website or through Ticketmaster.

Sold Out Shows

Once a show is sold out, additional tickets are occasionally released close to the day-of-show.  In that case, customers who have signed up for the ticket wait list will be alerted via email or text that tickets are available.  The individuals on the waitlist will be given first priority to any released tickets.  Thus, if your show is sold out, don’t forget to sign up for the waitlist on our ticketing website!

Security Procedures

WOMH has a number of security procedures that may be implemented at any time.  These procedures may include bag searches, wanding for metal objects, pat-downs, and restrictions on what items may be brought onto the premises.  Please note that such procedures are in place for the safety of both patrons, artists, and staff, and that refusal to comply with WOMH security procedures may result in denial of entrance into the venue.

Rain or Shine

All events at White Oak Music Hall are rain or shine.  We cannot issue refunds in the case of inclement weather unless there is a complete cancelation of an event.  For outdoor events on the Lawn, we continuously monitor weather reports and if conditions indicate the show may be unsafe due to rain, lighting, wind, or other unsafe condition, we will either cancel the event (in cases where inclement weather conditions are not anticipated to improve) or delay/postpone the event (in cases where weather conditions are temporary).  In cases of cancelation or postponement, we will alert patrons through our social media and/or via email, as soon as any such decisions are made.  Please note that evaluation of weather conditions is made at the site of the venue, despite inclement weather that may exist at other parts of the city and surrounding area.


All ticket sales are final with no refunds or exchanges, except in the case of complete event cancellation.  In cases of cancellation, emails will be sent to the email addresses on file informing purchasers of refund procedures.  For people who have purchased tickets at our box office, a refund for canceled events can be obtained at the box office.

Please note that if you purchased your tickets from a ticket re-seller, however, you must contact the person who sold you the ticket for any refund associated with canceled events.

WOMH Ticket Policy

For additional information regarding the WOMH Ticketing Terms and Conditions, please click here.