White Oak Music Hall has approximately 320 off-street parking spaces available for guests. These spaces are divided across three parking lots, Lot A, B, and C.  For Lawn shows, parking at White Oak Music Hall can be extremely limited. We STRONGLY encourage people to carpool, ride bikes, use public transit, or use ridesharing services for for Lawn shows.  If you do choose to drive to for a Lawn show and have not purchased a parking pass in advance, you can expect to park on nearby streets and walk 8-10 minutes to the venue.

Parking at WOMH is a combination of free and paid parking, depending on how many attendees are expected at the venue for a given night.  WOMH has three official parking lots for guests, labeled Lots A, B, and C.  Parking rates are determined based on the number of attendees expected to be at WOMH on a given night, but generally range from $8-30.  In turn, the number of expected attendees depends on (1) the specific artists performing, (2) whether there are multiple shows on a given night.  We suggest you look at our concert calendar to determine whether multiple shows are occurring on the same day.  Please note that for some events, one or more of the parking lots may also be closed.

For the most parking options, please arrive early!  Disabled parking with approved plates or hang-tags is in Lot A (moved to Lot B for Lawn shows).

For certain larger shows, you may be able to pre-purchase parking through our ticketing company.  The “Parking Pass” option is separate add-on from your admission ticket. Simply add it to your order when you purchase your show ticket.  Pre-purchasing your parking is optional, but if you are worried about parking, we strongly encourage you to pre-purchase your parking, if available, especially for Lawn shows.

In addition to our own parking lots, unofficial parking lots operated by third parties are also in the area, but we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of any parking operators other than those at Lots A, B, and C.  Limited street parking is also available nearby, but be careful and check signs for tow-away zones!

To save time and hassle, we encourage customers to take public transportation, carpool, ride your bikes, or rideshare.  A convenient option is to park downtown and take the Metro Light Rail (Red Line) just 2-3 stops to the Quitman stop.  From there, WOMH is just a 4 minute walk.