Lawn Upgrades / Lawn Disabled Seating

Various upgrades are available for the Pulse Power Stage on the WOMH lawn, depending on the show. A map of upgrade areas in relation to the stage is below.

Individuals who purchase upgrades can enter/exit upgrade areas at their leisure, for example, to visit merchandise areas, bars, general admission areas, etc. Upgrades include:

(1) Balcony A and Balcony B – Balcony A and Balcony B extend out from the indoor venue and overlook the Lawn. Elevated well above general admission, balconies offer some of the best site lines of the stage and are perfect for people who are looking for a less crowded experience and more amenities. Balconies A and B are limited to 75 people max at each balcony, offer a dedicated bar for balcony patrons, and feature available courtesy seating on a first-come, first-served basis (seats are not assigned).  Attendees on Balcony A will have direct access to indoor restrooms, whereas Balcony B patrons will have to descend one set of stairs to access indoor restrooms.

(2) Hilltop Table of Four – Hilltop Tables of Four are ideal for small groups looking for a semi-private, reserved seating area. Hilltop Tables are individually assigned to a group, and have dedicated seating.  Located on the “Hilltop,” Tables of Four are on an elevated riser and offer excellent views of the stage, coupled with a cocktail table with four stools for friends to enjoy a show together.  Hilltop Tables-of-Four also feature cocktail server service, so that patrons need not even leave their seats to have a drink brought to them!

(3) Hillside Tables of Four – Hillside Tables of Four are similar to Hilltop Tables of Four, but are located slightly lower on the WOMH Hill.  They feature all the same amenities as the Hilltop Tables of Four (NOTE: Hillside Tables of Four are not available for all shows).

(4) Cabana – The ultimate of upgrades at WOMH, cabanas are private, reserved areas that can accommodate groups as large as 12. Featuring bench seating for groups, a dedicated entrance to the cabana area, cocktail server service, and some of the best views of the stage anywhere on the Lawn, reserving a cabana ensures that your trip to WOMH will be memorable!

Disabled Seating – Disabled seating is not an upgrade, but an alternative General Admission ticket for those who require wheelchair accessible seating.  Wheelchair accessible seating is available on a riser, accessible via a ramp.  A limited number of seats is also available in the disabled seating area for people who are pregnant or have other disabilities that prevent them from standing for long periods of time.  Individuals who purchase disabled seating for fraudulent reasons, however, will be relocated.  The location of wheelchair accessible seating is indicated in the map above.