Bazaar On The Bayou Market

Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor for our Bazaar on the Bayou! Please take a moment to review the FAQs below.

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  • General

    What is the scheduled date of the event?

    The market takes place several times throughout the year, typically 3 times per year--once in the spring (March or April,), once in the fall (October), and once in the winter (December). There is typically no market in the summer due to heat.

  • What is the location of the event?

    White Oak Music Hall Lawn + Raven Tower + Parking Lot A. Physical address: 310 North St, Houston, TX 77009. The entire market grounds is outdoors, with the exception of a partial roof covering in the Raven Tower Pavilion.

  • What are the hours of the event?

    The event is open to the public from 11 am to 5 pm. Load-in/set-up begins at 9 am and vendors must be cleared of the parking lot by 7:00 PM.

  • How many vendors will be at the event?

    There will be room for approximately 75 vendors. The size of the location itself is approximately 1.5 acres in vendor/customer space.

  • Is admission to the event free?

    Yes, the event is free to attend for the public.

  • Applications

    I want to apply to be a vendor. What are the application requirements?

    The following will be required:
    • A completed vendor application
    • A general description of the items you are proposing to sell
    • At least three photos of sample items you are proposing to sell
    • A sample price list (only 5-10 items needed) of the type of items you are proposing to sell

    The following are optional, but may be helpful in approving your application:
    • Photos of your market set-up at other markets/events
    • A list of the last three markets you have participated in, including dates and locations.
    • Proof of insurance

  • What is the deadline to apply?

    We will accept vendors until all vendor spots are full.

  • Is there a certain type of vendor you are looking to participate?

    We would like to support independent entrepreneurs offering unique offerings. Craftspeople, artists, DIY, small-business manufacturers, etc. are encouraged. Vendors reselling items (e.g., vintage items, collectibles, etc.) are also welcome, but availability may be limited, depending on vendor sign-ups.

  • Once I apply, am I guaranteed a spot at the event?

    No. We are aiming for a family-friendly market that wants to offer a diverse range of goods/services for sale. To achieve that balance, each applicant will be evaluated individually for inclusion in the event.

  • When will I know if I am accepted as a vendor?

    Vendors are approved on a rolling basis. Vendors are typically notified whether they have been accepted, rejected, or waitlisted within 3 weeks of submitting an application.

  • If I've previously been a vendor at a market, am I guaranteed a spot at the next market?

    No. Vendors are evaluated on an event-by-event basis, and previous vendors are not necessarily guaranteed approval for future markets. To maintain a continuing diverse array of vendors, both new and old, previous vendors may be declined for a given market. By rotating vendors, we are able to both maintain continued customer interest in the event and provide opportunities for new vendors to participate. For example, a vendor might be approved for the spring market, declined for the fall market, and then accepted again for the winter market.

    Vendors may also be declined for future events based on such things as non-compliance with market rules, such as selling prohibited items, arriving late and/or leaving early, or no-showing.

  • What are some categories of vendors that are particularly popular?

    The following vendor categories are particularly popular and may result in declining some vendor application so that the market can maintain diverse offerings for customers and limit competition between vendors.

    - Jewelry
    - Candles
    - Soaps
    - Personal hygiene/grooming products

  • I am not selling any actual items but would like to set up an informational booth. Can I still apply?

    Yes, but only a limited number of booths will be available for informational providers.

  • Does WOMH/RT take a percentage of sales to participate?

    No. You are only required to pay the vendor fee.

  • Can food vendors apply?

    Yes. Temporary Food Dealer Permits issued by the City of Houston may be required.

  • Can Food Trucks apply?

    Yes, but only a limited number of food trucks will be permitted at the event.

  • Can I sell alcohol?

    No; as a TABC permitted premises, only WOMH/RT will be permitted to sell alcoholic beverages on premises.

  • If I need more space than 12’W x 10’ D, can I purchase two adjacent spots?

    Yes, but only a limited number of “double-wide” spots are available.

  • If vendor slots are full, will there be a waitlist?


  • Fees

    How much is registration as a vendor?

    Vendor fees depending on location and amenities (i.e., power, cover, etc.), but will generally range from $75-150

  • Can I get a refund if I choose not to participate?

    Refunds are only available if requested more than 2 weeks in advance of an event. Refunds are not available for no-shows or cancelations within 2 weeks of the event. Vendors who no-show may also have future vendor applications declined.

  • Operations

    How much space is each vendor given?

    Each vendor is given a space roughly 12’ W x 10’ D.

  • Do you have a map of the proposed layout/location?

    The layout of the market is available when you go to select your vendor spot at the registration/payment link.

  • Can I pick my tent location?

    Yes, you can pick your location when you receive the registration/payment link and if a spot is not already taken by another vendor.

  • Will any vendor locations be covered?

    Only those in the Raven Tower Pavilion. Otherwise, it is open air with your tent.

  • Can I prepare food on-site out of a booth?

    Yes, but preparation of “hot food” will be limited to food trucks on-site and a Temporary Food Dealer Permit may be required. Preparation of “Cold food” (e.g., juices, smoothies, coffee, etc.) may be served from booths.

  • What will be provided when I arrive?

    Nothing beyond the vendor space is provided. Vendors need to bring all items with them, such as canopies, tables, chairs, merchandise displays, canopy weights, extension cords (if paying the additional fee for power).

  • Do I have to have insurance for my business to participate?

    No. Insurance is not required, but vendors with insurance will receive preferential evaluation in the vendor selection process.

  • Will there be ice available on site?

    No. Vendors needing ice should plan on bringing their own.

  • Is Wi-Fi available at the location?

    Wi-Fi coverage in the proposed market area is spotty. WOMH/RT do not guarantee the availability or quality of any Wi-Fi connections. We strongly encourage vendors to bring their own Wi-Fi connections (e.g., hotspots). Using the WOMH/RT Wi-Fi is strictly at the Vendor’s own risk.

  • Is power available?

    Power is only available in the Raven Tower pavilion and the booths located on the eastern edge of the lawn. Power, if available, is provided through a single, 110V, 900 watt outlet. No high-draw equipment is permitted. Vendors must bring all their own extension cords, plugs, etc., which cannot pose a tripping hazard to guests.

  • Can I bring my own generator?

    Yes, but only if the generator is a low-noise, battery-powered generator. No gasoline-powered generators will be permitted, except for food trucks. Food truck generators must be low noise, low emission.

  • If I arrive late, can I set up my tent after the event has started?

    No. For safety reasons, vendor tents must be set up by no later than 10 AM.

  • Will you have cash change on hand in case vendors need change?

    No. We would encourage vendors to be cashless.

  • Will I be required to use tent leg weights?

    Yes. A minimum of 25 lbs per tent leg will be required. The market will be outdoors and gusty winds could occur at any time. Safety of guests and vendors is a priority. We recommend purchasing tent weight plates or vertical tent weight sandbags secured to each leg. Vendors not using appropriate tent weights to secure their tent will not be permitted to participate and no refunds will be issued for failure to bring tent weights.

  • Can I use cinder blocks, bags of play sand, or just tie my tent to my table?

    No. Proper tent weights must be used. Vertical sand-bag style tent weights can be obtained relatively cheaply on sites such as Amazon for about $20 for a set of four. 50 lbs of sand to fill two sandbags (25 lbs each) is about $4 at Home Depot. Thus, you can safely and securely hold down your tent now and in the future for an investment of about $30.

  • Will trash hauling be included?

    No. Vendors cannot leave any trash at their location. All trash must be hauled off-site. Trash receptacles will be placed solely for guest use.

  • Can I pull my vehicle in to load/unload before and after the event?

    Yes, if you are located in Lot A. If you are located in Raven Tower Pavilion or the Lawn, you will need to transport your tent/items a short distance (maximum 300 feet) by hand or with a dolley/cart to reach your assigned location. Please use extreme caution when driving your vehicle and be courteous to other vendors. For safety reasons, if you have a vehicle larger than a standard passenger vehicle/truck, you may be required to load-in early and load-out late.

  • Is there somewhere to park after I load in?

    Yes, but to preserve parking for as many guests as possible, vendors will not be allowed to park vehicles in customer-designated parking lots. The goal is to have as many guests as possible enjoying the market, and convenient parking is important to that goal. Vendors will be asked to park on adjacent streets or in designated parking areas slightly further away from the venue.

  • Do you provide any set-up assistance?

    No. WOMH staff will be on-site to conduct vendor inspections, assist vendors in locating their vendor locations, assist with the layout of signage and traffic control, and to answer general questions, but will not be available to help vendors set up their tents, displays, tables, etc.

  • Can I store stuff at the venue before or after the event?


  • Do you have carts, dollies, pallet jacks, etc. that I can use to help unload and/or set up my booth?


  • Are there restrooms/handwashing stations nearby?

    Yes. The restroom facilities at White Oak Music Hall and Raven Tower will be available for use. These are fully plumbed restroom facilities (i.e., not portable toilets or handwashing stations).

  • Is the event rain-or-shine?

    Yes, but for the benefit of vendors and guests alike, if the weather forecast is poor or indicates rain, the event will be canceled and rescheduled if feasible.

  • If the event is canceled due to rain, do vendors receive a refund?

    Yes, but any such refund is prorated based on the duration of the actual event that took place. For example, if the event is from 10 am to 5 pm but is closed at 2 pm due to lightning, vendors would receive a refund for three of the seven (3/7) hours the event was to take place.

  • Other

    Will White Oak Music Hall/Raven Tower be doing any marketing for this event?

    Yes. WOMH/RT has a full marketing team that help market this event, which will leverage WOMH/RT’s extensive customer base.

  • Other than vendors, will there be any other activities at the market?

    Yes. WOMH will be programming DJs/musicians to provide entertainment for attendees. An outdoor patio area will also be available for guests to eat, drink, relax.

  • I have another question that wasn't answered here

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