Ticket Policy

Event Changes and Cancellations

Below is a summary of our ticketing policies. To review our complete Ticketing Terms of Use, please click here.

All events at White Oak Music Hall are subject to change. Changes may include date, time, location, ticket prices, ticket availability, and artists scheduled to perform. Changes to events can be caused by many things, such as weather, travel delays, illness, artist scheduling, facility requirements, etc.

Refunds and Exchanges

We cannot issue refunds or exchanges on tickets, as all ticket sales are final. Refunds are issued only in the case of cancelation/non-performance of the headlining act, and rescheduling of a previously canceled event may be used in lieu of refunds. We cannot issue refunds for tickets purchased from unauthorized third-parties, such as ticket re-sellers/scalpers. In those cases, refunds must be obtained from the person/company from whom you purchased your tickets.


All events at White Oak Music Hall are rain or shine. We cannot issue refunds in the case of inclement weather unless there is a complete cancelation of an event. For outdoor events on the Lawn, we continuously monitor weather reports and if conditions indicate the show may be unsafe due to rain, lighting, wind, or other unsafe condition, we will either cancel the event (in cases where inclement weather conditions are not anticipated to improve) or delay/postpone the event (in cases where weather conditions are temporary). In cases of cancelation or postponement, we will alert patrons through our social media, our White Oak Music Hall app, and/or via email, as soon as any such decisions are made. Please note that evaluation of weather conditions is made at the site of the venue, despite inclement weather that may exist at other parts of the city and surrounding area.

Name Changes to Will Call tickets

See Tickets, our ticketing provider, can change the names under which Will Call tickets are held, but only for tickets purchased directly from See Tickets.  To request a change, See Tickets can be reached toll free at 855-235-2867 or via email at help@seetickets.us.  Unfortunately, See Tickets cannot change Will Call ticket names for tickets purchased through any third-party, such as artist websites, fan clubs, other ticketing companies (e.g., SongKick, StubHub), etc. In those cases, you must contact the person/company from whom you purchased your tickets.

Ticket Limits

To prevent ticket scalping, White Oak Music Hall has implemented a limit of 6 tickets per customer. Customers who exceed this limit may have the entirety of their order canceled without notice at See Tickets’ discretion.

Third Party Ticket Vendors

White Oak Music Hall cannot verify the validity of any tickets purchased from third party vendors other than See Tickets until the tickets are scanned at the venue entrance. Please be advised that you are purchasing such tickets at your own risk, and that such tickets may be lost, stolen, or otherwise voided.

Lost/Stolen Tickets

Lost or stolen tickets purchased from See Tickets may, at See Tickets’ discretion, be replaced. To request assistance, please contact See Tickets at 855-235-2867 or via email at help@seetickets.us.  Proof of purchase, such as the credit card used, may be required. For tickets purchased from any other ticketing vendor, resolution of lost or stolen tickets must be handled by the person/company from whom you purchased your ticket.